There is never a right time to make an announcement as there is probably never a right time to have a baby, at least in the opinion of my hubby and me. Which is why we have always found reasons for prioritizing other things in life that were seemingly more important. But life happens when you are busy making other plans. And so, it turns … Continue reading 2+1=3

California Dreamin’ (Part Two)

Leaving the San Francisco area with many beautiful memories, we were next headed for the South of California. We had planned to stop in surfer town Santa Cruz, former Clint Eastwood town Carmel-by-the-sea (where he was once mayor), and finally Pismo Beach off Highway Number 1, where hopefully a nice dinner and comfy bed would be waiting for us.   This was the first day … Continue reading California Dreamin’ (Part Two)

California Dreamin’ (Part One)

Whenever my blog turns quiet for a couple of weeks, it is usually a sign of me a) not being in the mood for writing (and busy doing other stuff) or b) enjoying a wonderful vacation somewhere outside of Chicago. In fact, hubby and I just recently returned from what I can declare one of our most ah-ma-zing trips ever (apart from our honeymoon). Everything was just perfect, and I believe one of the reasons why it turned out this way was the fact that we did not plan much ahead. 

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Summer in the City … Yeah!

After months and months of snow, rain, ice, wind and temperatures way below my usual comfort level, it was hard to imagine that a nicer season would eventually arrive to Chicago one day. It therefore came as a surprise, when in July (I know, it’s late) temperatures started to significantly climb and have been up ever since. Summer finally got here, and the sun became a valued companion in my daily undertakings.

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A few thoughts about the food

Every now and then I get questions from people living outside the US about the (quote) “rather questionable eating habits of the Americans”. These concerns are legitimate, as the US still carries an image of being a nation that is overweight and unhealthy (as we know other nations are picking up quickly and Germany is clearly one of them). When I lived in the US … Continue reading A few thoughts about the food

Happy birthday, America!

The US is a country of great national pride and no day can provide more evidence for that than the 4th of July. Patriotism is not something that comes natural to us Germans for the obvious reasons. However, witnessing how an entire country celebrates its existence and dream for its future, did leave me with a few goose bumps. 

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