Creating coziness for comfort

There is no adventure without a comfortable little haven to embark to, especially when things get rough. We all need our save space and places where we can just be ourselves. For us this is our nicely located apartment in walking distance to the center of the city. And to give it the proper attention, we almost fully dedicated our first week in the country to creating a home that we both enjoy.

This involved putting some final touches on the furniture, equipping our flat with the necessary electronics and satisfying my female urge to decorate it with pillows, flowers, candles and the like. It took us numerous visits to one of the biggest IKEA stores I have ever seen as well as shops such as BestBuy, Target and you name it. The effort finally paid off and we are now enjoying a very cozy place to live, where we can relax, put our feet up, start planning for the year ahead and enjoy a tasty little Espresso …

… speaking of which… despite being the country where dreams may come true, there are a few seemingly simple items that are really hard to find in proper quality – at least in the eyes of a slightly picky German. Or they cost a fortune if you do happen to come across them. These are, as far as we can tell after just this one week: good bread, good chocolate, good coffee and good cheese. We haven’t yet entirely figured out the bread question. But we solved the issue with the chocolate and the cheese by simply going for the completely overpriced imported versions.

I also went on a hunt for decent coffee and took an endless walk through what felt like the whole of misty Chicago in order to locate one out of only two stores that sell Nespresso. Yes, I probably could have settled with any other brand, but once you are accustomed to something that you like, why take a risk and change? It might be helpful to stick to some traditions when being abroad, even if they are very small.

2 thoughts on “Creating coziness for comfort

  1. Try Kovala Corp on 5808 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60646, USA
    Telefon: +1 773-631-6897 and google it… the pictures seem to be real and the bread looks “German” 🙂 All the best and enjoy. V

    1. You rock, Vanessa! It probably takes someone back in Germany to browse the net and provide me with some helpful hints on where to go. I will check this place out and then report back. Cheers, Simone

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