Summer in the City … Yeah!

After months and months of snow, rain, ice, wind and temperatures way below my usual comfort level, it was hard to imagine that a nicer season would eventually arrive to Chicago one day. It therefore came as a surprise, when in July (I know, it’s late) temperatures started to significantly climb and have been up ever since. Summer finally got here, and the sun became a valued companion in my daily undertakings.

Experiencing Chicago in the Summer is like being in a completely different city! There is a different vibe, which one can sense wherever one goes. People are outside, the streets are packed, tourists floating in, boats riding on the water, music playing everywhere and more things to do and places to go than one can realistically accomplish in any given day or week (I don’t even try).

It almost feels like the city is one big festival lasting for several months, before it puts itself back into hibernate mode as soon as Fall and Winter are showing their early signs of arrival.

With a steady 28-32°C (82-89°F) and at least some wind coming from the lake front, the climate is absolutely tolerable for the most part and not subject to too many swings, which we would sometimes suffer from in Germany. When it is Summer, it is Summer, and it is said to stay that way at least until the end of September (or longer, we shall see).

Halfway through this enjoyable season I figured it was time to share some impression of what Chicago looks and feels like right now. If you have not yet been here, you sure should come, but ideally plan your visit for one of the Summer months!

I would wish for this season to never end, but I also know that I would not appreciate it as much if it was present all year long. Did I mention that I once studied six months on the Indonesian island of Bali (I admit studying was not the sole focus of my stay) and got tired of the beautiful weather and lack of seasons at some point? This for sure will not happen here. Happy Summer everyone! Let’s hope Lincoln put on some sun screen. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Summer in the City … Yeah!

  1. Summertime in Chicago.. the BEST.. love all the festivals.. Your pictures are beautiful.. you are an amazing photographer!

  2. Love the summer views & vibe! Is your pool & grill area on the rooftop of your building? Looks amazing!!

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