With a new passion comes a new challenge

I do not quite remember how ‘learn to play an instrument’ made it to my list of new things I wanted to try out while living in Chicago. It got there along with a few other items I had never been exposed to and which because of that, sparked my interest. I also put down ‘learn how to knit’, but my husband clearly articulated his … Continue reading With a new passion comes a new challenge

The art of meeting new people

When I started grad school in the stunning city of Copenhagen back in 2002, I was still considerably young and certainly inexperienced in finding my place in a new environment. I came to Copenhagen as one of three German girls, who after receiving our bachelor’s degree in a marvelous little town called Flensburg (high up in the north of Germany just at the border to … Continue reading The art of meeting new people

Why I chose not to work and what I do instead

When the offer came on the table to join my husband on an international assignment to Chicago – this was in July 2018 while we were vacationing in a hut high up in the Alps and over dinner a slightly cryptic text came in from his boss – my immediate reaction was that of course that is what we will do. We would pack our … Continue reading Why I chose not to work and what I do instead

Arctic air in the city

Chicago experienced some of the coldest days in history last week and you could tell, that even for a city that is used to strong winters, a temperature of down to minus 50 degrees Celsius was completely unusual. And very unique to us as well. Most of Chicago’s public life came to a complete standstill. Trains stopped running, schools closed for a few days, and … Continue reading Arctic air in the city

My top 10 bizarre observations

One of the most exciting and equally challenging aspects of relocating to another country, is realizing that quite a few things are tremendously different from what we are used to. Here is my top 10 of funny, bizarre and in some cases irritating little differences which I have come across so far: 1) SMS – still remember what that is? Well, I did not, but … Continue reading My top 10 bizarre observations

6 things I find really cool about living in Chicago

Granted, it has only been a few weeks since we moved. Yet I already consider it a long enough period to share some of my first impressions of the new city and lifestyle. The change for me has been huge and while naturally not everything is perfect, there are a lot of things I really like so far. So here is my list of things … Continue reading 6 things I find really cool about living in Chicago

Something unexpected on a frosty day

Do you remember the last time you visited a public library? I do not mean entering one in passing as part of a jam-packed tourist program. I am thinking of the last time you deliberately went into a library to browse through books, either looking for something specific or just wanting to get inspired. My last library visit must have been more than 15 years … Continue reading Something unexpected on a frosty day

Creating coziness for comfort

There is no adventure without a comfortable little haven to embark to, especially when things get rough. We all need our save space and places where we can just be ourselves. For us this is our nicely located apartment in walking distance to the center of the city. And to give it the proper attention, we almost fully dedicated our first week in the country … Continue reading Creating coziness for comfort